Unity 3D - Save & Load Advanced System
[Save-It Basics Free]

This is my third tutorial video about the Save and Load system for unity 3D.
In this tutorial, you can learn something about saving and loading your objects in any scene. It includes a lot of basic information how file streaming works. Save-It is the official plugin of Matt's Creations and you can download free-example version from here:

SAVE-IT Basics Free Plugin for Unity Download: 

Thanks and I hope it helps!
[Video tutorial below]

Unity 3D - Mesh Deformation Tutorial (Cube)

This is my second tutorial of the Mesh Deformation tutorial. For now, this is cube. 

If you want to learn how to deform and generate advanced objects, just check this tutorial.


- Full Project: 


- Only Script: 


Unity 3D - Mesh Deformation Tutorial (Plane)

This is my first tutorial ever of Mesh Deformation tutorial (Plane). If you are unity developer and interested in mesh deformation or creating a new mesh, this is where to start. Just watch... Thanks!


Full Project: 


Only Script: