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What is Matt's Creations?
International public indie game studio founded by Matej Vanco on 3/19/2014.
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The Frontier Outskirts VR - so how is it going?

The Frontier Outskirts is our latest game product that we are working on. Since the game has been reported we have changed the game title and official release date. As you can see the game title has been renamed to The Frontier Outskirts. We think this is great title. If you have some another ideas, just let us know. Official release date has been changed as well. It's 11th June 2017. We've still some technical problems, so the game has to be delayed.

We very appreciate your support and we will do everything for your joy to play TFO VR.

The Frontier Outskirts VR - From The Development

The Frontier Outskirts VR is very close to the release and we have prepared some shots from the battlefield. The battlefield will contains a lot of characters with laser weapons, droids and fighters. The whole atmosphere will be like 'the real hell'. All of this features you will be able to feel in the Virtual Reality. It's coming! Keep following. Thanks!

Save-It Pro V4 updated

Save-It Pro V4 has been updated! You can check the latest news here in the new documentation video

More here:!/content/53978

MD Plugin finally updated

Mesh Deformation Full Collection + Plugin has been finally updated to the version V4 after the long time. There is a lot of new stuff and features. Check the following information:


- Many types of mesh deformations with Unity's mesh tools. 
- MD (Mesh Deformation) Plugin
- Example usage scenes
- Example scene of a completed game
- Advanced Vertex and Fragment shaders
- Mesh Editor at Runtime
- Mesh Editor in Editor
- Mesh Modification
- Mesh Morpher
- Mesh Animation
- Fast and Handy Group Tool Window
- VR Support [OpenVR]


More in the Mesh Deformation part.

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