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What is Matt's Creations?
International public indie game studio founded by Matej Vanco on 3/19/2014.
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We have been greenlit!

We have been greenlit! Thanks so much. The game is now in a huge development and we have to fix and make a lot of work to the future. Just keep following... More on:


The Last Frontier VR = Steam

New action VR game is now officially out and we need your help!
The game has been released on the steam greenlight. If you wanna to play it, just vote for YES!


And what specially The Last Frontier VR is?

'The Last Frontier is a virtual reality game for HTC Vive. Defend the last frontier against massive waves of cyborgs and droids. Choose your favorite and most effective weapon & beam sword and enjoy the true power! Complete all levels & and waves to unlock all weapons. You are also able to play custom match, so you can clearly enjoy the massive waves of biomechanic enemies.'

You can support us here:

Starting with VR?

The year 2017 has started and we also started developing games and software for virtual reality! Specially for HTC Vive. Our legendary first VR software is called Drawbox. It's a software where you are able to draw whatever you want in 3D. It is really easy program, it's free. Just check the official review below and download for free for HTC Vive users. Enjoy!

NOTICE: all my VR games will be added to the VR category in the part "games".


Christmas Sales!

Hoho! The christmas sales are here! Both of my plugins are available only for 2$! It's 75% off, so don't hestitate and quickly check this out... The sales are valid until 12/30/2016.!/content/47061!/content/53978

Silent Santa 3 is now officially available!

Finally it is here. The third edition of silent santa trilogy! About the game:

Now you will see, how the santa and his elves create presents. Use your imagination and create anything you want! Bring your creations into the big christmas town called "The Saint Valley" and meet there your friends or new people. Play online and enjoy the christmas. Don't forget to share your creations with us! HashTag us #SilentSantaArmy and show your creations to the world. Thank you!


Silent Santa 3 released!

Hohoho! The Silent Santa 3 is coming! And now with official released date: 6.12.2016 (12/6/2016).

This Silent Santa 3 christmas edition 2016 brings a lot of topics and interesting functions. You will be able to create your own functionable toy and share it with friends! Also there is improved graphic and interfaces for better game experience. Be patient. Santa is coming! Alpha screen shot below... [Editing/ creating cool toy ship].

New amazing lighting?

A few days ago Unity released a new cool assets called Volume Lighting. I was very suprised... I quickly made a small room with creepy decals and checked it out. This stuff is really amazing and useful in a lot of advanced projects. I've got some shots below the text. Looks cool huh? Wanna try out? Download link here:!ygYRyIQQ!ro8yPNR3oOMnee8NEWGFQ-hyHD3mmEEGSkEJHuQUkK0 [20mb, zip file, windows only]

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One hour will be a horror, adventure, action game. This game will be a very different than my other games... The game will be occured in a village with some problems... There will be an infection.  Dangerous infection will threaten the whole city and the people become psycho... More informations soon.This is a really small story or plot of this game, it is just a draft. The game will be out in 2017. Here is an alpha picture: 




The horror, adventure game with the interesting story... This game is not official, it is only the draft with a very small description. The game could be out over the year 2018. The official date is not released. Here is an alpha sketch: