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Silent Santa 3 released!

Hohoho! The Silent Santa 3 is coming! And now with official released date: 6.12.2016 (12/6/2016).

This Silent Santa 3 christmas edition 2016 brings a lot of topics and interesting functions. You will be able to create your own functionable toy and share it with friends! Also there is improved graphic and interfaces for better game experience. Be patient. Santa is coming! Alpha screen shot below... [Editing/ creating cool toy ship].

New and amazing lighting?

A few days ago Unity released a new cool assets called Volume Lighting. I was very suprised... I quickly made a small room with creepy decals and checked it out. This stuff is really amazing and useful in a lot of advanced projects. I've got some shots below the text. Looks cool huh? Wanna try out? Download link here:!ygYRyIQQ!ro8yPNR3oOMnee8NEWGFQ-hyHD3mmEEGSkEJHuQUkK0 [20mb, zip file, windows only]

MD Full Collection + Plugin V3 out!

New update (V3) of mesh deformation is now available! Includes a lot of improvements, fixed bugs and new advanced fragment and vertex shaders. The plugin can be bought on the Unity Assets Store. Link is below.!/content/47061

Planet Editor in LOA?

Yes. I finally started developing and playing with Planet editor! It will be used in LOA as you can see. The editor is not officially released. But you can kindly look forward! It will be incredible... Check the video below... More here:

Check us on Steam! Now!

We are finally on steam! Legends of Azulgar has finally own community and own place on the steam and growing up... The game is still in a pre-alpha development (you can see basic systems, how they work etc), so we are hardly working on it. I'm really happy to being a programmer here, it's a pleasure for me! This position in the Lusorion Creatives company gives me a big experiences. We hope you will like it and follow us to keep updating your LOA game! Thank you so much!

Dragon's Cry Official DEMO Trailer out!

Dragon's Cry finally has own official DEMO trailer! After 4 months we released official trailer and we are continuing in a development! Keep following, Dragon's Cry full game is coming. Trailer here:


New URL!

We've got a own and new URL Address! This page can be finally found under this address:

Really simple and easy address to remember! Thanks for supporting and enjoy! We are continuing!

Corvette LS3 Engine model 

I was playing with 3d graphics again and made some advanced model called Engine Corvette LS3. I hope you will like it. Thanks!

Legends Of Azulgar got GreenLight!

Gotcha! Legends Of Azulgar got greenlight! Now it's our turn to show our best. Soon you will able to buy the game on the Steam only for 10$! Be patient and keep following the latest news! Thank you for your support!

Lusorion Creatives Team

Matt's Creations

HGE 0.1 Fixed Version

HGE 0.1 the fixed version is now available.
Added a new color palette, fixed minor bugs and improved optimization!

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19.3. 2014

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One hour will be a horror, adventure, action game. This game will be a very different than my other games... The game will be occured in a village with some problems... There will be an infection.  Dangerous infection will threaten the whole city and the people become psycho... More informations soon.This is a really small story or plot of this game, it is just a draft. The game will be out in 2016. Here is an alpha picture: 




The horror, adventure game with the interesting story... This game is not official, it is only the draft with a very small description. The game could be out over the year 2016. The official date is not released. Here is an alpha sketch: